What’s on this week

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Spring Fashion week is about to start and there are two exciting events on this Friday night to kick it off.
The Emporium Melbourne’s Opening Runway and
The Vogue American Express Fashion’s night out.
They sound amazing, so if you are looking for something to do this Friday night 26th August, head down there.

From 6pm, The Emporium Melbourne transforms Little Bourke Street into the ultimate fashion runway.
Preview exclusive new season collections from some of Australia’s most revered labels and established designers. Plus, Isabel Lucas, the face of MSFW is going to be there too.
This is the official launch of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and it’s free!


photo credit: msfw facebook page

After you have watched the runway, you can then head to ‘Vogue American Express Fashion’s night out’ at Melbourne Central. This legendary international shopping event has hundreds of offers and exclusive events for one night only.
From 5pm to 10pm you can enjoy the following;

MAC Cosmetics – get a complimentary express lip service
Sephora – get glowing with a free neon makeover from the beauty experts
3INA – Purchase any 3INA product to enjoy a free nail art makeover from the I Scream Nails team
Mecca – Get a photo with lifestyle vlogger Dani Mansutti
Cupcake central – will be serving their luxury, limited edition edible dessert plates
and more…

This is just the beginning of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, a week-long festival that includes runway shows, fashion parades, exhibitions, films and even workshops. There really is something for everyone.

It runs from this Friday 26th of August 2016 until Friday 2nd of September 2016 with the main venue being The Melbourne Town Hall.

For more information, check out these sites:



A night of colours launch party

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On Tuesday night 28th June, I went to a launch party that was a collaboration of three businesses:

The day before, I had found out about a womens co working space called One Roof.
An event of theirs had come up on Facebook called ‘The Start up sessions’, as Jess Jones from The Soar Collective had shared it.
It sounded interesting to me, so I had a look. I soon discovered that they actually had this launch planned for the next night, so I figured I would check it out.

Walking into One Roof, I was immediately impressed.
Beautiful bright paintings, inspiring quotes and pretty decorations were all around. It is quite large, with modern, clean and usable spaces.
I have been thinking about using a co working space for awhile now, and this place looks like the perfect spot.
















If you have been thinking about trying a co working space, I would definitely recommend checking this one out. They give you a one week free trial too, so I will be definitely taking them up on that offer soon. You can find more information here.

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Idea to Launch. There is always plan B

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Where do you start when you want to create an app?
Is it even possible when you are not remotely tech savvy?
Don’t apps just get made by people in Silicon valley…

All these thoughts were going through my head, so I started reading information about how to create an app. One of the first things I read was –
‘Statistically the odds of creating a successful app are the same odds as winning the lottery‘. These are not good odds…

I rarely buy lottery tickets as I know it is so unlikely to win, and yet I was still seriously thinking about giving this a try. A couple of things were spurring me on;

  • I knew that if I didn’t create something like this, someone else would eventually, and I didn’t want to live with the regret of not knowing what could’ve happened if I had done it.
  • Thinking about it and coming up with ideas for it was exciting. My job as a bookkeeper did not allow me to use my natural creativity and suddenly this idea was giving me the perfect outlet and it was something I knew I really needed.

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Splurge vs Budget and Guilt free

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This weeks item is a tweed clutch. Chanel has a cute one for just over US$4,500
I had a look for some more affordable options and have put together a few that are similar looking, but priced very differently. They are categorised into the following –

SPLURGE:       That item you don’t mind spending quite a bit extra on.
BUDGET:         The one that isn’t going to break the budget.
GUILT FREE:    Something so cheap, you just can’t pass it up.


Here is the above-mentioned tweed clutch from Chanel


This  ‘Chanel large classic flap bag‘ is US$4,552/AUS$6,180

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Outfit inspiration

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I love to get outfit ideas from fashionable women on Instagram.

Recently when I was in Bali, I wore pretty standard, basic summer items.
Singlet and shorts, singlet and denim skirt, summer dresses I have had for years, and repeat.
I find that I go more for comfort than style when I am away, when I really should go with both!
So, I have been on the look out for some more stylish summer outfits for inspiration.
Here are four that caught my eye.

I absolutely love this! The colours, the daring split at the top and it would be perfect for the heat and humidity in a place like Bali. I personally would want to wear one of those stick on bras, or a thin black lace one with this though I think. They have more gorgeous tops and dresses on their website.


Photo credit: Les Cieux Boutique

I love the the way Kailee has dressed up this casual t-shirt dress. I would never to think to knot a dress like this at the front, but it looks great.
Matching this with these coral wedges and pink bag goes perfectly.


Photo credit: Kailee Wright

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The journey from Idea to Launch. Research, research.

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26th May 2016

It was the end of August 2014 and I was in Fiji for my friends Kylie and Dylans wedding.
I left my almost 2 year old daughter with my husband, and headed off for 6 days away from my little family. It was to be the longest time away from both of them, and I was a little nervous that I would miss them a lot. So much so, I almost didn’t go!
I asked a friend Clare, who had recently been overseas without her little boy, if she would recommend it and she assured me that I would be fine. So I booked it. The nerves were still there, but I was also excited to rediscover ME again after not having a holiday since becoming a mother.
Once I was there, I had an absolute ball!!

In true Kylie and Dylan style, they had planned the whole week for us with lots of fun activities and things to do. This included 3 important nights.
1. A Cocktail night
2. Hens day
3. Wedding day
This meant that we all needed at least 3 different dressy outfits to wear for the week.

You can’t possibly wear the same outfit twice of course 😉

Before we had even left Melbourne, my friends and I were texting each other discussing what we were all planning on wearing to each event.

After the first night, the cocktail party, we headed to Sams hotel room and she was showing us what she was planning on wearing for the Hens day and the Wedding.
For the hens, she was going to be wearing a beige/gold, one shouldered, beautiful floral dress.
I was planning on wearing a light brown dress and Nicole and Stephanie were going with blue ones.
We were all going to be wearing something fairly different from the others.

The day before the hens day, I changed my mind and went with a strapless white dress with flowers along the bottom. It was quite different from Sams dress, but from a distance, it could appear similar.
This got me thinking, there must be an app out there for women to share outfit and accessory ideas and even help each other pick outfits.
The last thing you want is to show up wearing the same thing to a party!

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The journey from Idea to Launch

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25th May 2016

I am writing this whilst sitting on an aeroplane on my way home to Melbourne after a wonderful 18 days in Bali. I had planned on reading more trashy mags, but the idea to start writing this just popped into my head, and so I put pen to paper instead.
It’s funny how ideas come to you at the strangest times.

A few delicious sour cream and onion Pringles, a few sips of Sauvignon Blanc, and you would think this would be the perfect recipe for an idea. But no. For me it was right when I am struggling to work out whether to push or pull the door to get into the bathroom, that’s when it came to me. ‘Why not document what I have done and what I am going to do, leading up to the launch of my app Dress Connect?’
The app that I started working on in September 2014 (yes that’s ’14, not ’15) that is finally ready to launch.

It has taken a mere 20 months from idea to launch and I am a combination of SO excited, a little bit scared, majorly impressed with how good the app has turned out, and really proud of myself.
Not just for making this idea come to life, but for hanging in there when my patience has been repeatedly tested with delays.

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The Met Gala 2016

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The Met Gala is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the ‘Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute’ in New york City. It is held on the first Monday in May and has a different theme each year. This years theme was ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in the age of technology’
Here are my top 10 of the day.

Karlie Kloss in a Brandon Maxwell dress


photo credit: Fashion Critical

Naomi Campbell in Cavalli Couture dress

She’s still got it!


photo credit: Fashion Critical

Gigi Hadid in Tommy Hilfiger and Zayne Malik in Versace

Hot couple right there


photo credit: billboard.com

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