Be confident in what you wear

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Get Outfit Feedback

When you just need a little help working out what to wear, get your friends to help you pick which style looks best.

Receive quick responses

Need a quick response? Set a timer so your friends know to reply quickly if you need outfit advice urgently.

Store past outfits

Always remember what you wore and where you were. Save photos of past outfits in your journal.

Outfit Planner

Share outfit and accessory ideas with your friends so you know you won't be over or under dressed at the party.

Help your friends

Help your friends and family make outfit decisions, by giving them feedback when they need it.

Easy Registration

You can register and log in through Facebook or by using your email.


With Dress Connect asking for outfit advice is even easier than texting. It is designed to give you exactly what you asked for. It's simple, straightforward and easy to use.

It is also designed with stylists in mind. If you are a personal stylist, you will be able to use this with your clients, making communication as well as storing outfits and ideas in the one place easy and simple.

How it works

Dress Connect provides a platform for you and your friends to easily and quickly share tips to work out what to wear, store outfits and more. There are three main sections in the app which make getting ready easier and even more fun.


In your private Journal you can collect, save and organise outfits you have worn in date order, with a small image and a brief description of where you wore it. You can use this as a reference to get outfit ideas, or to make sure you don't repeat an outfit too soon.


Instead of wondering what you should wear to the party just ask your friends. Share outfit, accessory, hair and makeup ideas and make sure you're not wearing the same thing. Give and get feedback, so you can all walk into that party with confidence.

Get Outfit Feedback

Post your photos privately to only the friends that you want advice from. They can vote for the best look, or they can give you more in-depth feedback by commenting before you buy or wear it. You can also set a timer to let them know if you need an answer within 5 minutes, or if it's not urgent.



Dress Connect is a brand new private social app with style. It provides a platform for friends to help each other work out what to wear, store past outfits for reference and more.


We wanted to make it easier for people to work out what to wear. So many of us waste way too much time trying to work it out on our own. We have made it really quick and easy to help each other.


Dress Connect was founded by a sister and brother team. A certified personal stylist and mother who has always struggled with picking outfits, and a computer nerd / gym junkie. The perfect combination for an awesome app.

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